Different Types of Pool Heaters.

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Pool heaters are the most popular way to heat your pool during cooler summer periods. This article is meant to give you some background information on the various types of pool heaters, the features as well as the benefits each pool heaters have to help you best decide which pool heater is right for you.   We will discuss the different types of pool heaters, how they work, what are the costs, give you tips which pool heater might be best for you and your pool.

In Canada there are 4 popular pool heaters to heat your pool which are:

  • Natural Gas or Propane Heaters
  • Electric Pool Heaters
  • Solar Panels
  • Heat Pumps


Electric Pool Heater

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters heat the water via an element as water passes by heating your water.  Electric heaters are relatively small and inexpensive to buy but b y far are the most expensive heaters to run.  The cost to heat a pool with an electric heater runs 5-6 times higher then running an electric heat pump.   Electric Heaters are best for spa’s, due to their small foot print they can be easily contained and used indoors.




Gas Pool Heaters

Natural Gas or PropaneHayward Pool Heater - Your Home Genius

Gas pool heaters are a very fast and effective means to heat your pool for a short period of time.   They by far are the fastest means to heating your pool to desired temperatures in the shortest period of time.  As well as solar and heat pumps you can easily maintain desired temperatures with a gas heater.   However constant use can be expensive.   Gas heaters are perfect for people that use their pool irregularly.



Solar Panel Pool Heater

Solar Panels are a complete eco friendly way to heat your pool using no more energy then already being used to circulate your pools water.  Mounted on your homes roof, solar panels collect the head from the suns rays heating the water as it passes thru.Solar Panel Pool Heater

The cost of solar panels is relatively expensive,  the quantity of panels required depends on the size of your pool and they can be quite gaudy looking on your roof.  Th
e reliability is questionable and all depends on how sunny it is and for how long.   It is estimated they can extend your swimming season by unto 2 months in Niagara but again that all depends on the availability of solar energy.   Another downfall is that you have to run your pool during the day which is also peak time and premium electricity costs therefore raising your operating costs.  As well they can cool your pool down at night while the temperatures are colder.


Nirvana Heat Pump -Carried by Your Home Genius

Heat Pump Pool Heater

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to heat your swimming pool.  Unlike other pool heaters, heat pumps use less energy therefore drastically lowering your annual operating costs compared to gas heaters, as well with proper care and maintenance can lost well over 10 years.

Heat pumps work the opposite of an air conditioner,  what they do is extract the heat from the outside air raising the heat of the water with a  compressor which then delivers the heat to the pool while blowing the cold air from your pools water out the top of the unit.

Heat pumps are the most expensive pool heaters to buy but save you considerably with the overall usage therefore paying for themselves in savings.    Getting your pool to temperature takes longer then gas pool heaters but once unto desired temperature they easily maintain them.



Tips to Reduce Pool Heating Costs.

Pool heaters can be expensive to run but with some simple tips you can reduce your heating costs significantly.

  • Use a solar blanket.   Solar blankets help stop evaporation as well as keep debris out of your pool when not in use all while adding heat to the pool.   US Department of Energy estimated that the use of a solar blanket can reduce your heating costs by 50-70 percent.   As well solar blankets help eliminate pool chemical dissipation by 30-50%.  Solar blankets are relatively cheap and add significant saving in heating and operating your pool.
  • When not in use, turn down or off your pool heater.   If your going away or do not plan on using your pool for extended periods of time its best to turn off your pool heater.
  • Consider upgrading to solar or a heat pump as they both are efficient and inexpensive to run.
  • Maintain your equipment.


Choosing the right pool heater for you

We hope this article helps give you more information about pool heaters.  The best way to determine which pool heater is right for you is to do your home work and see what works for you.   Don’t forget when deciding which pool heater is for you that you have to power the pool heater.    Gas pool heaters require Gas lines or propane tanks,  most require 220v electrical supply.

If you still are not sure  Niagara Pools staff are experts on all aspects of pool equipment and are here to answer any questions or comments that you might have in regards to which pool heater is best for you.   As well Niagara Pools carries a wide variety of pool heaters by Hayward, Pentair, Rheem, Raypak, Jandy,  and Zodiac.  We can look at your pool and system and give you an analysis of which means will be the best for you as well as a comparison.

Please do not be afraid to call us and we will be happy to give you our advice and if wanted a free quote with no commitment.   We are happy to help.


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