Pool Painting & Acid Washing

Our Pool Contracting services offers inground concrete pool painting and acid washing services in the Niagara Region.    Our team is highly trained in the various painting methods and pool paints to ensure you have a quality new finish to your swimming pool.

Properly protecting the bare concrete and gunnite finish of your pool is very important.   If your pool paint is wearing away then you need to have your pool repainted.   We will advise you on the best solution for your pool.    We work with acrylic, chlorinated rubber, and epoxy paint, and depending on your budget and existing paint we will be able to  provide an effective solution for your swimming pool.

Various pool paints have different life expectancies and cost.  Acrylic Paints are the least expensive but only last 2-3 years.  Chlorinated Rubber Paints are middle of the road, and can last 3-5 years.   Epoxy Paints can last upwards of 10 years but are the most expensive.  Your pool paints life is also determined on proper water balancing.    You can expect to see a longer lifespan if your pools chemistry is properly maintained.

Proper Preparation of your pool is also instramental in obtaining a long lasting finish.   Although we follow manufacturers recommendation for painting your pool, there are many thing that we have to take into consideration such as how many times your pool has been painted and the type of paint you previously used.

Epoxy Paints are the best as they create a hard virtually impenetratable shell, however once you paint with epoxy paint, you can only repaint it with epoxy.    As the same with Chlorinated Rubber paint.   As well a pool that has been painted many times over creates a build up of paint which can cause previous layers of paint to let go and shortening the life of your pools finish.

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