Robotic Pool Cleaners

Every pool needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.   With todays busy lives and schedules thats not always possible.   Thankfully there robotic vacuums that can do that for you.

Hayward has been an innovation leader when it comes to robotic pool cleaners.  With  a full line of cleaners that are more effective and energy efficiently keeps your pool nice and clean with less effort.

Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaners are work houses, designed to clean your pools floor, walls, waterline with ease.   With new technology they become even easier, drop in the vacuum, set how often you want it to clean your pool and it will turn on and off as per your schedule.    Simple and easy!

If you have any questions contact our staff at Niagara Pools and we can help you decide what robotic pool cleaner is right for you.

Robotic Vacuums

AquaVac 500

By far the most advanced robotic pool cleaner in the industry, the AquaVac 500 scrubs, vacuums pool floor, coves, walls and waterline with computer efficiency.

AquaVac QC

Equipped with microprocessor-based technology, the AquaVac family is recognized for its superior performance in reliability and efficiency.

SharkVac/Evac Series

Very affordable and easy to maintain, SharkVac robotic pool cleaners, hunt down dirt and debris from pool floor to waterline.

Contact us with any questions you might have in regards robotic pool cleaners.



AquaVac 500 Rebate:    Receive $100 rebate — Click Here — For Coupon

AquaVac Qc Rebate:   Receive $50 rebate. — Click Here — for Coupon


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