Pool Automation

Forgot to turn your heater on before you left for work?  Or how about wanting to come home after a long day. And want to jump into your pool up and running.   From a touch of a button anywhere in the world via your smart phone you can do that.  Thats the awesomeness of pool automation.

With the introduction of a pool automation system to your pool you can control all your equipment, water features, lights and more from the touch of a button. You can incorporate virtually any electrical component that is part of your back yard! Another additional benefit is that this can even help save you money by setting your pumps and filtration system to run during off-peak hours.

Our Team at Niagara Pools are experts when it comes to integrating your backyard pool with a pool automation system.  Call us today and our team can answer any question you might have as well as help you with choosing the right automation system for your pool.


New for 2018

Hayward Variable Speed Omni

Not only is it a variable speed pump, but it is also an all in one automation system!


  • Provides pool control and scheduling from anywhere with your smartphone
  • Controls for up 4 pieces of equipment including your variable-speed pump, heater, pool light. An extra Smart Relay can be purchased to extend control to a fourth feature, such as a booster pump or backyard lighting
  • Adjust pump speed, set water temperature, turn on/off pool lights conveniently with your smartphone
  • Works with Amazon Alexa voice control

Hayward OmniLogic

The Omni Logic makes pool automation a breeze from simple back yard setups to complex setups.   It incorporates the ability to monitor and control your pool chemicals as well as control any back yard feature you want to add.  The possibilities are endless.

Hayward ProLogic

ProLogic pool automation offers the best value in the industry for the right level of control to suit pool owner’s needs.   With the ability to set programs, monitor and control your pools chemistry, and to control lighting and more.   ProLogic is an affordable pool automation solution.

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