Commercial Pool Service

Niagara Pools team are Certified Pool Operators. by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.  We meet all the requirements to operate, maintain, and service all Class A and B Public and Commercial pools as well as government run facilities.   Our team is current and up to date with all current health codes as well building code requirements.   To help ensure your Public Pool is operating within the laws mandated by the province and local health departments.


Some of the many services we offer to Commercial Pools is:

  • Equipment Repair and maintenance
  • Chemical Balancing
  • Pool Painting
  • Acid Washing
  • Pool Controller and Automation Install, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Accessibilty Lifts
  • Training
  • And more.

Helping you create a safe environment for your guest is important for all and we are your perfect partner to help everyone enjoy a healthy swimming experience.

Niagara Pools is the Perfect Extention to your existing team!

We offer the professional skills, and the ability to empower your team to be able to operate your commercial pool without worry or aggrevation ensuring a safe environment for your users and guests.

Pool Chemicals and Supplies

Niagara Pools has full inventory of Chemicals and Supplies readily available in bulk and at a discounted rate for your public pool easing the financial burden of operating your commercial swimming pool.  Niagara Pools offers both labelled and unlabelled supplies in bulk.   As well we will teach your pool maintenance team how to properly treat your pool.

As well we offer Water Testing Kits as well as online water analysis and treatment recommendations saving your staff from having to travel to the local pool store to have your water analyzed.    This saves you money and time.

Biggest misconception out there is that if your pool water is clear, its balanced.   This is not true!   There are many factors that your pool team might not be considering which can have costly effects such as calcification of your pipes, corrosion and more.   Contact our team to help you save money down the road.

Pool Controllers and Automation

With new Health Codes soon to be downloaded one of the requirements will be pool chemical controllers.    Niagara Pools has teamed up with Hayward Canada to offer its new state of the art commerical pool controler system, the Cat 6000, which meets all health code requirements including monitoring and reporting Free Chlorine, Flow Management, PH, ORP, as well as will control existing and new feeder systems.

This system is by far the most advanced system on the market today and is the least expensive option.

As well we offer complete remote management, alarm notifications, and more to make sure your staff is aware of potential problems before they turn into bigger problems.

Niagara Pools also offers maintenace solutions whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to make sure your system is properly running.

Cat 6000 Commerical Controller

Remote Management

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